Copenhagen!!!! This was a travel adventure centered around an opportunity to catch up with Benedikte, the first exchange daughter we hosted in our home, in 1991. The two of us scheduled a weekend to meet in early October. Benedikte traveled by train from Aalborg, Denmark, and I traveled by plane from Manchester, UK. The three […]

Caerdydd is a derivative of Caerdyf, the official Welsh name of this city, which translates into a combination of fort (caer) on the River Taff (dyf). The fort is a reference to Roman inhabitants, but there are signs of visitors long before that time, in fact archeologists have dated nearby settlements to 6,000 BC (1500 […]

Warwick castle may top the list of attractions in Warwickshire, but the village itself was the reason for my journey in early September. I am not the first to be charmed by the serene, riverside location. Folks have been visiting and setting up home in Warwick for over 1500 years, from the early 900’s when […]

Derbyshire is just a few hours drive north and east of Worcester. This area is known for the Peak District National Park and the Pennine range of hills. The weather during our visit was spectacular, and, in these photos, Julia and I are seen taking advantage of the sun and warm temperatures to explore one […]

After a lovely “holiday” at home in Minnesota in August I returned to Worcester for an additional 2 months. Vern opted to stay at the lake a bit longer, so for the first 6 weeks I was on my own, but with new students arriving, a new program assistant to train, and an office and […]

SUMMER VACATION and we were off to Norway to visit two of our former exchange daughters, Gro and Elin, and Vern’s cousin, Ingvar. Part I: The Scandinavian holiday began in Hamar, with Gro and husband, Kjetil, but this visit would be all about the mountains. We drove north to Gro’s family’s cabin which would be […]

Just a few miles north of Worcester is the village of Ombersley, a destination frequented by Vern and his cycle buddy, Paul. After listening to tales of the beautiful country lanes, the lovely village, and the delicacies at the local deli it was time for me to experience Ombersley for myself. The weather was spot […]