Looking back on my work in Worcester…

Start with 20 AWESOME American students from University of Minnesota Duluth, and add in one PHENOMENAL assistant, Julia, and one BRILLIANT colleague, Catherine, and you have the ingredients for an AMAZING academic year at the University of Worcester.

My responsibilities as Programme Director included everything from welcoming new students, to overseeing field trips, to managing the budget, to teaching two classes each semester, to communicating with the International Education Office at UMD, to building professional relationships between the two universities, to attending conferences, to managing the mini dramas (they were few and far between), to training in a new assistant, and to closing the flat and the office. Lucky, lucky me to work with such fine people who greeted me and supported me each day I walked into my office. Thank you, students, thank you Julia and Catherine! And a MASSIVE thank you to the administrators at University of Worcester, John Ryan, Ros Foskett, and Heather Forland, and the staff in the International Office, Jane Shore, Clare Perkins, and Lois Lewis. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times…I had to come home and retire because I won my career Gold Medal during my year at Worcester.

The following photos are highlights of the 20 UMD SIE 2013/14 students at the Thanksgiving Dinner, a group photo of the students in late May, JULIA at her desk in our office and in a field trip selfie, my work space, my transportation to work, students from one of the UMD/Worcester classes I taught (Human Diversity), the new Programme Director, Clare Perkins, the incoming UMD students for 2014/15, handing off my bike to CATHERINE HYDE, and a photo of CATHERINE and JULIA at my going away party.

And another MASSIVE note of gratitude to the folks at UMD who made this possible: Kim Riordan, Leigh Neys, Lyndsey Anderson, and Helen Mongan-Rallis.

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