Vern returns!!!!!!

I managed to successfully fill my six, solo weeks in Worcester with WORK and adventure, thanks in very large part to my entertaining friends and colleagues, but I was DELIGHTED to pick up my best friend and favorite travel buddy at the Birmingham Airport on October 13th. Vern didn’t seem to suffer from jet lag at all and readjusted to life in Worcester in quick order! But I didn’t let him settle too long as two days later we boarded the Eurostar for Paris to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We reserved a VRBO (vacation rental by owner) in the Marais District, an area I knew very little about. In a word…AMAZING! The weather was perfect! Clear skies and warm temps!!!! And the food was absolutely magnifique!!!!! We both had our fill of French Onion Soup, French wine, French chocolates, and French cheese! One evening I polished off a very large portion of couscous, while Vern consumed a meal of the best duck EVER.

Among the many “attraction” highlights of this visit would be the Tour St. Jacques, the Fontaine des Innocents, the Hotel Soubise, the Marais, and the Basilica of St. Denis with tombs of all but 3 of the French Kings and many French queens. We had time to take an evening stroll to see the illuminated Tour Eiffel and Pont Alexandre and take a “selfie” along the Seine River, and the next day we walked along the Promenade des Plantes near Place République. This repurposed viaduct is now an elevated walkway for walkers/joggers and offers marvelous views of classic Parisian architecture – note the Art Deco details.

Oh, la, la j’adore PARIS!!!!!!

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