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Margaret Jane Jones Bergman Evans – my Great Grandmother

I never met my great grandmother, as she died two days before I was born. Thanks to information and photos collected from siblings, cousins, aunts, and the Internet I have become better acquainted with Margaret Jane Jones. This much I do know, she was born in 1880 in Llanbrymair, a small hamlet in mid-western Wales […]

Steam-powered travel

A 16 mile journey by train may not seem like an unusual outing, but if that journey takes place on the Severn Valley Railway it is indeed a journey back in time and worthy of sharing with Blog visitors. The original SVR line dates to the mid 1800s and was used primarily for transportation of […]

JK meet VJ in the UK…Part II

There was time on the return journey from Wales to stop in Tretower and admire Tretower Castle, Court, and Gardens. The original castle was built in the 12th century by the Picard family. Roger Picard later added the massive, four story, circular tower as defense against the growing power of Prince Llywelyn. Tretower Court was […]

JK meet VJ in the UK…Part I

The last folks to visit us in Worcester were already seasoned travelers. Kim Jirik accompanied me as a chaperone on several european student tours in the 90’s. John Jirik moved about and lived in several countries as the son of a military man. During their visit they rode the rails and returned to John’s former […]

And the curtain closes on the Davies visit…in Wales!

The final leg of Randy and Sharon’s tour of England and France was a short trip to Wales, back to the seat of Randy’s ancestry. A train ride to Swansea followed by a one hour bus ride brought us to Olive’s B and B (officially known as Parc le Breos). Olive farms, cooks, and runs […]