A tale of two Swedes

Ingvar Blychert, a Swedish cousin to Vern, spent a few days with us in May. Vern dusted off the Worcester Guide Badge and gave Ingvar the royal tour, including the Worcester Cathedral, the King Charles Pub, the black and white houses along Friar’s Street, the Hive, and the City Museum. But there was a significant Swedish discovery waiting for these two Scandinavians. The Swedish opera singer, Jenny Lind, nicknamed the Swedish Nightingale, lived, performed, died, and was buried in the Worcestershire area. Ingvar and Vern, the two sleuths, made a pilgrimage to each of the Jenny Lind hot spots! There is a bust in the Malvern Theatre, a dedication plaque in the chapel in the University of Worcester chapel (now named the Jenny Lind Chapel), and her tomb and headstone are located in the Malvern Cemetery. Incredibly popular and in great demand she gave over 90 concerts in America. Stories tell of the tens of thousands of fans waiting for her ship when she first arrived in 1850. It was a phenomena referred to as “Lind Mania”. She returned to Europe and settled in England in 1855, living out her days in the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire.


  1. Ingvar · · Reply

    Hi Judith and Vern,
    Thanks for a very nice visit in Worcestershire 🙂 !

    1. It was lovely to see you, again, Ingvar!

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