Monthly Archives: April 2014

Spring Break – 1st stop…Cornwall!

April 14th was the official start of the 2 week Spring Break at University of Worcester – time to pack those suitcases and discover new sights. First on the agenda was Cornwall. Former colleague and dear friend, Mary Ellen Weller, and her husband, Marty Smith, arrived with a rental vehicle to whisk us off to […]

Snowbirds warm up in Worcester

Larry and Ilaria DeBreto made a timely exit from Northern Minnesota to the UK in early April. As they flew out of Duluth yet another mega snowstorm blew in. They were just as charmed by the quaint villages and historic sites as they were by the mild temps, and they never complained once about the […]

Eyam…the 17th century Plague Village

I am a fan of historical fiction, but I am always eager to make connections to the original stories at the original sites where the events took place. In mid-April our students traveled to York and Beverley in the heart of Yorkshire. The history of Britain lies within the walls and the museums of York, […]

March…a month of daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, tulips, and magnolias!

A gift to our Minnesota friends who are patiently waiting for Spring flowers to make an appearance…