Monthly Archives: March 2014

Bruges, Belgium…open and read this post with extreme caution!

Warning – the following photos and descriptions may prompt you to run to the nearest website to book a vacation to Bruges. We had high hopes for a lovely visit and the city exceeded all our expectations! I’ve organized the photos to share the highlights of our visit in a meaningful order which basically comes […]

Weaving our way through Wales…day two

After a hearty breakfast and a long walk to stretch our legs it was time to board the coach and drive on to Caernarfon Castle located on the Llyn Peninsula of Wales. For those of you who follow the Royal Family this designated World Heritage Site may be of particular interest. It was here in […]

Weaving our way through Wales…day one

My colleague, Julia, is quite keen on Wales, and felt the Snowdonia area would be a good fit for the UMD students. The mix of countryside, rushing waterfalls, mountains, and castles would be a contrast to their “city life” in Worcester. And so, after an evening spent with an expert on all things Welsh, we […]