Monthly Archives: October 2013

Norman, Medieval, and Tudor…it’s all at Ludlow Castle

I admit it…Vern and I are castle “aficionados”…and the more we are able to crawl over them the better. Ludlow Castle, in Shropshire, is about a 50 minute train ride from Worcester, and fits perfectly into the “day trip” category. And about the ability to crawl around it…well you’ll see for yourself in the photos. […]

The Princess, the Painter, the Palace, and PARIS!

Our granddaughter, Zofia, has been a fan of Claude Monet since the first read through of Linnea in Monet’s Garden, so it made perfect sense to take advantage of our year in the UK to coordinate a visit with her to Giverny, France. Zofia’s mama and papa were a bit busy with her new brother, […]

Autumn arrives in “fair” style in the Midlands

We followed the advice of our friend, Catherine Hyde, who suggested we spend a day at the Three Counties Fairground Autumn Show in Malvern, a true celebration of food, the countryside, gardening and nostalgia. Imagine 65 acres of floral arrangements, vegetable displays, vintage cars, steam engines, animals, cider exhibits, and an amusement park…just for starters.

Cycling off to work…and cycling for fun

Our flat was located about 1.5 miles from my office, so on most days it was easier and quicker to bike to work. Saddling up each day with appropriate safety gear included a helmet, reflective clothing, ankle straps to keep pant legs from tangling in the chain, and lights with strobe action on both ends […]