Monthly Archives: September 2013

Enjoying the great outdoors, in the Lake District, with 20 students :)

The UMD students arrived on Sept 9th and after a few weeks of settling in and taking care of academic details it was time for a little team-building at the Priestley Centre in Coniston. The good weather held for most of the 3 days allowing everyone to enjoy canoeing, hiking in the mountains, kayaking, gorge […]

The voices of the Worcester Cathedral

Vern and I walk by the Worcester Cathedral every day, and we have always appreciated the visual impact of the structure, but it took a visit from our friend, Bailey Conger, to turn up the volume. She arrived in early September for a long weekend after vacationing in Ireland with her husband Bill, and other […]

Flowers and follies in York

These photos showcase beautiful, floral arrangements we discovered during our walkabouts in York as well as whimsical, repurposed stone sculptures. And now for the follies…beginning with a stone cherub

A visit to York

What an amazing city…there is still ample evidence of inhabitants and invaders covering several centuries. Along with the historic “wow” factor value of this city there is the architectural value. What’s not to love about a city that is nestled inside Roman/medieval walls with a HUGE gothic cathedral rising from the centre, a Viking museum, […]

Coastlines, Castles, and Cliffs

Our first overnight excursion was to the southern coast of Wales. On a whim we checked the website and found a room available in Swansea. The stately Morgan Hotel is located within walking distance of the renovated Maritime Quarter, made up of marinas, galleries, restaurants, and miles of sandy beaches. We boarded a bus […]

And now for Vern’s perspective…

Fortunately, the decision to move to England was unanimous. With that being said I was quite occupied with the Study in England program and Vern was, well, he was quite occupied with the care and feeding of the Study in England Director. I couldn’t do what I did without his day-to-day support (and his excellent […]

On the road to Herefordshire

There is no shortage of charming villages and small towns in the UK, so we followed the advice of my colleague, Julia, at the university and set out to visit Ledbury and Hereford. Both cities are located to the west of Worcester, beyond the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire. The area is renowned for apple orchards […]